Minneapolis Landscape Services

By extending your indoor living spaces outdoors you can enjoy Nature’s Best Landscapes with family and friends. We start with creating a Custom Landscaping Design, giving our clients the option to use a “photo realistic” imagery software program or detailed CAD drawings. The landscape image editor allows us to take a digital picture of a client’s project, and input real images of widely used landscaping products. These products include plants, natural stone, mulch/rock, grass, and outdoor lighting. We can even turn the lights off, allowing you to preview your “outdoor illumination” project before it is even begun. Below is a list of a few but many Minneapolis landscape services that Nature’s Best Landscapes provides.

Our  Minneapolis Landscape Services

Water Features/Natural Stone

Looking for an outdoor landscaping space where you can relax, read a book or meditate away from the hustle and bustle? We would be delighted to help you create that koi pond, waterfall or stone outcropping water feature that is your slice of heaven.

Viewing Gardens

Whether you are desiring to enhance an existing garden, or planning a new one, we appreciate your insight to determine the landscape perfect garden for you!

Paving Stones

Looking for a Paver walkway, Patio or the entire Driveway? A member from our design team will help you identify what paver, color blend and style will work best for your project and our installations have exceeded many of our client’s expectations!

Retaining Walls

Modular block or natural stone? There are numerous options and we will help you decide what is best for your project. Rest assured that we offer only quality retaining products “built to last”. We pride ourselves on a “no fail” wall reputation.

Plant Material

The highest quality plant material comes from either Bachman’s or other local nurseries that supply them. Plant material is typically handpicked from the nursery by one of our staff and then carefully transported to the client site.

Outdoor lighting

Brass, copper and wrought iron are some of the hottest materials available to create endless low voltage outdoor lighting fixtures. Using fundamental illumination principles we can provide path, spot, up and down lighting to light your home and landscape for both aesthetic and security purposes. What a great way to add to your landscape!

Snow and Ice Removal

Nature’s Best Landscapes offers residential and commercial snow removal services throughout the Minneapolis/St.Paul metropolitan area. We utilize Blizzard Power plows and remove snow from curb to curb pushing the snow into localized safe locations maximizing your parking lot or driveway space. We will keep snow away from entrances to allow for the safest winter parking and travel possible.