Minneapolis Snow and Ice Removal Services

Snow Removal and Ice Dam removal and prevention

Nature’s Best Landscapes offers Minneapolis snow and ice removal for residential and commercial property owners. We utilize Blizzard Power plows and remove snow from curb to curb pushing the snow into localized safe locations maximizing your parking lot or driveway space. We will keep snow away from entrances to allow for the safest winter parking and travel possible. We also use SnowEx salt spreaders to melt away ice buildup on parking lot surfaces. We offer our clients both hourly and monthly snow and ice removal contracts. For an estimate on your snow and ice removal needs call us today!

Ice dams can cause thousands of dollars of damage to your home or business and 2010 was one of the worst years on record for ice dam build up and water damage. Insurance claims were being placed at a record pace and many individuals were disappointed in insurance payouts. Nature’s Best Landscapes is here to help you prevent and safely remove those costly ice dam build ups. We offer our clients only safe and efficient maintenance and ice dam removal services including hourly rooftop snow removal and ice dam steaming.

Our rates…We typically do not do on site estimates as there are many factors that come into play including the pitch and height of the roof, the amount of ice dam buildup as well as the length of the ice dam. However you can figure that we will steam and remove up to 15’ of ice per hour. We do not charge and hourly minimum and will work as efficiently as possible to get the job done as quickly as possible. Our billing time is to the minute for fairness from the when the steamer is turned on until it is shut down.

Minneapolis Snow and Ice Removal Rates

  • Ice Dam Steaming – $290 per hour, two to three man crews
  • Roof Shoveling – $90 per hour
  • Regular/per snowfall Roof Shoveling contracts – $75 per hour